Complain about, insult, spit at and generally bad mouth other memebers here.
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I saw that and it STINKS!!!!!

I am coming back when I have more time and deleting everything I ever posted to this crappy website!

I guess we all should have been more interested in WHO "Count" really was!

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I don't think "Count" intended to post IP addresses, but usernames of people using multiple accounts.

Joe did post some IP addresses, and that's not very polite if you ask me. Your IP address (unless your on dial up) is sacred information, especially this day and age.

Hackers do have other ways of getting your info. I'd like to point out that the likelyhood of any hacker even finding this forum is slim to none. If you got hacked from this forum, it would probably be some crazy LDM hunter looking for info on your computer.

I also don't think anyone here is a hacker, but that's just an "assumption".

I, personally, would be immensly upset if mine, or anyone elses IP address was posted in public. is a great forum :D
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I did not and will not post IPs of users.

From day 1 there was and still is a warning on Joe R forum that he will see your IP

" LDM Discussions Moderated by Joe Ribaudo
This is a moderated LDM discussion forum for those who prefer to be protected from disagreeable posts. Your moderator is Joe Ribaudo. NOTE: The moderator will see your IP if you post to this form!"

so nobody should be surprised or complain about him seeing IPs in his forum.

IPs are not as secret or sacrosanct as some members think. They are quite easy to see all over the Internet, for example, anyone you send an email to can see your IP address. Further, about the only thing anyone will find out from your IP is who your ISP is and what region you live in. Personal data is not connected to an IP address. As far as gaining a backdoor to your computer, email and instant messages along with sniffers are the vehicles of choice.

There is no privacy on the Internet. Dont ever think that what you say or do online is private or confidential. Wal-mart and co is keeping track of all your clicks :)
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I am sure you are aware of just how little I know about IPs, as I asked you about them. That's one of the reasons I know there can be random mistakes. Other than that.......I know zip.

The most information I have received, has been from Saguaro's post.
Before that, I had never heard of such a site.

Perhaps your post will relieve some of the fear that folks, such as kk, have about what I might find out about them. Truth is, I already know too much, just from their posts. :)

Since there now seems to be a small attempt to say that you and I are the same person, same first name after all, I would guess that the paranoia will remain. Actually, I don't believe Count and Joe (the webmaster) are the same person.

If anyone has any doubts as to the truth of what you have said, I should think they could ask someone else about it. As for me, I have no idea what someone could or could not do with an IP Address.

I hope more of the members respond to your poll, as it is really at the heart of these problems. You have taken the right step in keeping the LDM Forum focused on the subject and off of the personalities.

While we may have had our differences of opinion, I am totally with you on the two things you are addressing. I would hope that the membership will also get behind your efforts.

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terrible, terrible things

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Mr. Kelso

Please help Heidi

Why is someone looking up Heidi`s dress?

Horrible, Horrible world.