The Search Has Ended

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The Search Has Ended

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Peter said:

"The question you asked was (paraphrasing here) did I positively know where the LDM was. My answer was "yup" . You didnt ask if I had worked the mine and taken out ore samples. I have not, I doubt I ever will. If I had, I wouldnt be posting photos of them on this forum (or anywhere else for that matter). My answer to your question is still "yup" however. Dont care much who believes me or not. Those that know...know."

As we all know, if one were to look up the word "truth", you would find a picture of Peter. It would seem that Peter has run afoul of Ray Tucker, who seems to doubt Peter's claim of finding the LDM. 8O

Just when they seemed to be forming a new and lasting relationship, the water has gotten a little frigid. It looks like Ray Tucker has decided to remain a "lone wolf" and will be howling at Peter for awhile. :lol:

Peter warned me a long time ago, about this particulr person. He was so happy to have another idiot, mindlessly, attacking me, that he set aside his better judgement and laid down in the middle of the pack. He now has the fleas to prove it. :lol:

There have been some great posts in the LDM Forum lately. Hopefully, the beasts who have been waiting in the shadows will return to their own dark world and let the ideas flow.


Joe Ribaudo