Superstition Mountain Journal CDs - Volumes 1-20

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Superstition Mountain Journal CDs - Volumes 1-20

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I just ordered the two new CDs that contain the SMJ Pubications from 1981 through 2002 from the Superstition Mountain Museum. They will make a great research tool and I couldn't be more pleased. I want to thank Thomas Glover and Paul Shemik for taking on this project and I know it took a LOT of time to put this together. THANKS!!

I love the format and have already downloaded everything to my computer. I can even customize the Indices for the Author, Article and there is even a start on a Subject Index that I can add to as I read the articles. Each Journal has its own pdf file and those are searchable on an individual basis using the adobe software.

To Greg Davis and the Society: Great Addition.


PS. I noticed there is also a new Clay Worst CD and I have not gotten around to ordering it. Perhaps someone else can provide a short review of Clay's material?
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