What do I do now!

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What do I do now!

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To all of my newly found friends of the Dutch Hunter Community –
It goes without saying of my appreciation of the welcoming that you have extended to me, especially considering the various things that I am faced with. It is nice to know that one is not alone.
The reason for this little paragraph or two is to let you know that I am faced with a terrible situation. Terrible because I can do nothing about it.
I have a lady friend that has two sons. Both about the same age. One living in London and another in a suburb of Oakland, the son in Oakland is Heinz, age 44 and a brilliant scientist, well educated in DNA studies. He is married and has two teen age children. Well, almost a year ago he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He neither drinks nor smokes, but it hit him just the same. I have tried to be as supportive as possible to his Mom, but last week we were told that the cancer was very aggressive and spread to his liver, colon and stomach. Needless to say he is presently in very severe pain and the Doc’s say it is now only a matter of time. As I mentioned earlier I try to be as supportive as possible to his Mom. What neither of us can understand is why does this happen to an otherwise healthy individual at such a relatively young age of 44. Chemotherapy, drugs, unable to have surgery – nothing.
I wish I knew what to do or what to say - so I guess I am reaching out to all of you good people for, well, what I don’t know.
Thanks for hearing me out, and your prayers/good thoughts are always welcomed.
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Re: What do I do now!

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well...i am praying ronn.

i seem to be doing a lot of that lately.
lost two friends last month...one i was talking to him...around ten at night...this guy did not drink, smoke, drugs, or even eat meat...
chinese trained in medicine...and he was dead before morning...just stopped...and years younger than me.
the other a veteran of Attu, WWII. ten years senior to you Ronn...and afflicted with the same as you just described...an he kept a smile for me til the day he left...

there is no answer to the question...the lord picks and chooses...

all we can do is pray.
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