The Lost Sheep Mine

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Mike McChesney
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The Lost Sheep Mine

Post by Mike McChesney »

I recently heard about this mine for the first time. Does anybody have any new information about it?

Here's what I know; When Edgar Cayce was asked to do a reading for the location of the LDM, he also talked about an even richer mine called the "Lost Sheep Mine". He said it was just over the mountains, and richer than the LDM. It was, however, a silver mine. This would mean that it must be huge!

Any thoughts?

Gregory E. Davis
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Post by Gregory E. Davis »

Helo Mike: I think your question would be better served if you were to post it on the LDM Discussion section. That would give you a wider group of readers. There are stories about Silver Mines in the Superstitons. If your were to increase its range then the great Silver King Mine north of Superior could be included. Silver has also been found in the Rogers Canyon and Fraiser Canyon. Silver can also be found north of the Salt River in Four Peaks and to the East. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis
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lost sheep

Post by CLD »

Maybe E.C. meant "little silver". 8) 8O :D
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Post by pippinwhitepaws »

i believe the silver king fit the description.

it was described as a 'bubble' of silver standing 75ft. above the surrounding surface...
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