Weak and insecure people

Complain about, insult, spit at and generally bad mouth other memebers here.
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Weak and insecure people

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If the worls had more strong people there would be less bickering.
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Concerned New Member

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Now that's some serious editing!
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Weak Folks

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Really enjoyed looking at your document. Was hoping to discuss it a bit but it is what it is.

I really try to stay out of the craziness that goes on here. Sometimes that can be a bit hard. I do have opinions and I think we should try to deal with each other with mutual respect.

Not sure there are any weak folks on here. Part of the problem is the subject manner. Lota folks looking for the LDM and I am sure they hope to find a nugget here to perhaps get them to the promised land.


Late 49er