Stone Crosses

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Stone Crosses

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Does anyone know more details on the stone crosses found near Tortilla Mountain in 1977? The reference to this is in Tom Kollenborns chronology in the back of his book. He even gives two names: "in March of 1977 Ed Farr and Mike Bilfry discovered the Stone Crosses in a fifteen-foot shaft near Tortilla Mountain". I also noticed a picture of a stone cross in Bob Ward's book on pg 83, not sure if this is related.

Assuming this is a true story, I wonder why I haven't heard mention of this elsewhere. Seems like some of the people interested in the stone maps would use these in their research.
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Stone Cross's _ Bilbry

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Bilbry claimed to have found the stone cross's on the South end of Tortilla Mtn below some "X"'s that were carved on rocks. He did dig out an old shaft about 20 ft. deep that had some signs of quartz in the bottom, but the crosses were found buried close to it under gravel.

Bilbry and a friend hunted all over the area and tried to interpert the maps on the cross's and he claimed to have found several areas of old mining activity, but no LDM.

I suspect many Dutch Hunters have had a go at the Stone Cross Maps and I spent some time on them also.

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