Koans, The Tao and everything irrelevant

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Koans, The Tao and everything irrelevant

Post by zentull »

My koan has nothing to do with the LDM. There is always the chance some Roshi Cowboy with a sense of humor figured the Stone Maps would be a great idea. Very doubtful because of the complexity, but enlightenment does have a sense of humor.

One of the reasons I could be reticient to discuss such matters is the general familiarity with Hesse and Pirsig and how it detracts from the actual simplicity and real beauty of it all.

The great thing about a koan is in the simplicity of what it appears to mean, we generally focus on the self and the meaning becomes lost.

In the light of day
Yet in a dream he talks of a dream.
A monster among monsters,
He intended to deceive the whole crowd.

As relative as this may appear, its relevance isn't important and matters not at all in the scheme of things. It was random and the essence was probably lost on most.