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joe ...ok i thought that was the moderated forum id posted on,i know youve checked before but it dont hurt to keep it ill leave my ip address here too.....part of the reason is i can see from way things are developing i.e members are being impersonated in posts ,and from messages ive recieved from individuals who may or may not be who they say they are etc,that some accusations are gonna be flying around methinks....or should i say more accusations.....
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There has been a flurry of activity in the shadows of this site. It seems obvious that another "blow-up" is in the making. New members, guests and hidden members have been here in large numbers.

This type of thing has gone on in the past, but never in numbers like we are getting now. Steve and I talked about it a number of years ago, and we noticed that the purpose seemed to be to change the focus of where certain threads were leading.

Once the dust settled, the "hot topic" was forgotten. Someone's toes have been getting stepped on, and that person or group is behind this latest wildfire.

Perhaps it is time to go back and see where we were sidetracked. 8O

Are all, or most, of the "guests" from a single source? I believe we had 19 people on the site at one time, a short while back. Anyone know what the old record was?

It's possible that some of us have been unwitting pawns in this game. I will be answering post directed to me, but have decided to watch the Forum seek it's own level without interference.

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