The Ballad of Joe Ribaudo

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The Ballad of Joe Ribaudo

Post by Newjerseyman »

There's a "man' on this forum named Joe Ribaudo,
But I choose to call him Joe "Rodeo"

When I insult him I don't believe that I am in Danger,
Cuz' Ol' Joe is just another Rump Ranger

Yeah, Joe has no life and all of us know it,
With 2400 posts, he continues to show it!

Now good ol' Joe is a puttin' on a soiree',
A rare event for him, as not every one is gay,

Oh I can hardly wait to meet Joe Rodeo,
and if he lays a hand on me, I'll be a rollin' in dough!

Cuz' it's come high time to cut down his ego,
and come October, you'll see that it's so :twisted:
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Post by TGH »

That stinks.

If you are going to rank on someone, at least do a good job of it.