The Camping Trip

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For those of you who didn’t make the campout, you missed a really good time. Joe and his wife were perfect camp hosts, beef stew to die for, biscuits, gravy, and all the fixings for a high styled campout. A very special thanks to the both of you for all that you did and put forth. Joe you are a very lucky man, your wife is really someone special, take very good care of that lady!

It was a great time to meet some of the familiar names on the forum, and I particularly enjoyed the camaraderie and friendship with all those that attended. Lazarus apply put it when he said it was not a tool to for discussing others, we were to busy having fun and exchanging information. We took Lazarus’s wife on a jeep ride that I do not think she will soon forget. She was a great sport and endured it in spite of the steep descents and the lofty climbs. The scrapings still remain elusive and continue to provide us with a reason to continue to search the area. I look forward to next year’s event.

My thanks again to you Joe and your lovely wife!

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i'll second that...joe and his wife are a real class act...thanks again joe
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1st. Annual Dutch Hunters' Rendezvous

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Fellow campers,

Carolyn and I enjoyed every minute of this gathering. What made it work so well was the quality of the folks who joined us there.

The discussions were so interesting, that Friday night went by without a campfire. No one wanted to leave the table. It was the same way Saturday. Ending the talks to tear ourselves away for a search took all morning.

Having Roger travel all the way from Texas was a treat for all of us. As an added bonus, he brought Wendell. When we finally got a fire going Saturday night (late), Wendell brought out his guitar and sang a number of well done songs. Our thanks go out to both of them.

As Grayhair mentioned, Lazarus brought his wife, and there is little doubt that he, like the rest of us, married up. :) They were a pleasure to visit with, and we all regretted that they had to leave early.

There were a number of people who wanted to attend and just could not make it this time. They have all expressed a desire to make the next Rendezvous.

Having Greg Davis, Grayhair, AZDave, Sluicebox, Roger, Jack Carlson and Jack San Felice all sitting around the same table, was an education for us all. We threw a wide loop over the entire legend and terrain that is encompassed by the Superstition Mountains.

Many of the living legends who could not be present were mentioned, Dr. Thomas Glover, LDM, Ron Feldman, Steve Creager, Clay Worst, Jim Hatt
and many others. We were fortunate to have people there who had shared time and adventures with most of them.

Just glancing up at my bookshelf, "The People Called Apache" by, Thomas E. Mails stood out. It was a reminder of our deep discussion of the Apache people, their customs and spiritual lives. A favorite part of my weekend.

I drew closer to old friends, made new ones, and received a great deal of understanding and knowledge from the gathering. I want to give special thanks to Greg Davis, for explaining the background and reasoning of a good friend I have angered. Of all the things I will take away from this past weekend, nothing is more important to me.

In my life I have met a lot of good people. I have shared time with many good men with wonderful wives. In my opinion, Carolyn is the best.

Carolyn and I thank you all for a great weekend.


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Next Time

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We were all looking forward to meeting you. The Dutchman's Curse has struck again. :cry:

I believe there will be a second chance next year. Stock up on Vitamin C now. :lol:


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The Camping Trip

Post by Roger »

I attended the 1st Annual Dutch Hunter Rendezvous 2005 three-day camp out in the desert East of Florence, AZ. My college buddy and I were in a 24' motor home and didn't rough it too much. We had a great time meeting some old friends and making new ones. I already knew Greg Davis and Jack San Felice, but the rest of the 13 attendees were new to me. Here are my main observations from the outing:

1. Joe Ribaudo is a 1st class camper. Joe had a camping setup beyond anything I could do. He had ever accessory needed including BBQ grills, 4 wheel ATV, RV trailer, large tent awnings, tables, chairs, cold drinks, - even a tank of compressed air for flat tires.

2. The food was excellent. The stew and Texas toast Joe served Friday night was to die for. Joe says his Mother made it and he brought it frozen and heated it for supper. He also had an Italian sausage & gravy with biscuits breakfast on Saturday that we all loved. We had it again on Sunday and Carolyn gave me some for the motor home trip. The meal that kept on giving! We all had steaks on the grill Saturday night after a busy day - a solid meal really hit the spot.

3. We did some searching for the Spanish scrapings on North Butte or Mineral Mtn by 4-wheel drive's that was over some really bad jeep trails. Joe and Carolyn rode his 4 wheel ATV that had to be an exciting ride. We didn't find the scrapings, but did locate a turquoise mine that we took some samples from plus several recent silver/gold mines. Joe had a 3-D software package on his portable PC and we had an interesting time shifting views around trying to match up the horizon to look like the background in a photo. I haven't played around with one of these packages before, but will have to get one now. We didn't find gold, but as Coronado said - We found a great place to look!

4. I would have made this trip for the evening/campfire discussions alone. On Friday night Joe, Lazarus, AZDave, Greg Davis, Jack San Felice, and Jack Carlson plus myself and Wendell who came with me sat around the night time camp for several hours and had a far ranging discussion of the LDM, the Stone Maps, the early ranchers of the Superstitions, the Petrasch's and Holmes, early mines and miners of the region, Indian lore, and other topics. The head knowledge in that discussion was awesome. We had other discussions Saturday morning, Saturday night, and Sunday morning along the same lines including some very interesting views of various religions. I hope that we can have the same caliber of individuals at the next gathering. Joe's comment is correct that the smaller group made it much easier for all to engage in the discussion and do more in-depth topic coverage.

5. I, like Lazarus, have only had contact with Joe Ribaudo through the Forum previously to this outing. After spending two days with him, I must state that Joe is of high character and extremely knowledgeable on the LDM legends and Indian history. I found Joe to be a very polite and engaging individual and a great host for this outing. And as he says himself, he married "UP" - Carolyn was also a great host and helped make the event a success. We did give her a round of applause for that.

6. Joe has done extensive research and field work on the LDM and Superstitions for 20+ years and has a library collection and knowledge to back up what he says and believes. I know Joe seems to be a stickler for "References" on the Forum - that's because he can back up his points and wants other's to do the same on items presented as "Fact". If someone has an opinion and states it as such, that's great with him. All other's bring references or simply state that you don't want to share that information. Just be up front with it. I don't think his approach is unreasonable.

In summary, the 1st Annual Dutch Hunter Rendezvous 2005 was a great success and I will certainly be planning to do the 2006 version.

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