Say it Ain't So!

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Potbelly Jim
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Say it Ain't So!

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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to say that this forum has given me a connection to my home over the years that was desperately needed during military deployments and the other life events that keep me away from AZ. I haven't posted much as I don't really have any expertise to add, but I have tried to keep up by checking the forum a few times a year.

Thankfully I just happened to check in this morning, and saw that the website was about to shut down due to lack of donations. I didn't want to lose this connection with my home and a lifelong interest in the LDM, and the donation I made was a pittance compared with the contribution the site has made for my sanity over the years. I know there might be a few like me out there that love to check in and see what's going on, without ever contributing much because we don't really know anything. Where we can help is in making a small donation, to keep this forum going. I would like to ask, if you can afford a few bucks, don't forget to make a donation.

I don't get to AZ often anymore, but one of these days I sure would like to check out the yearly rendezvous and meet some of you guys. I see this year's is over the OCT 24th weekend, which like in previous years I can't make. But I did get to visit the SM Museum and gift shop earlier this year!

Thanks to all you guys that make this forum interesting and those that post all the research and information that keeps us all interested in the LDM. Take care, Jim Rider
Jim R.
Joe Ribaudo
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Re: Say it Ain't So!

Post by Joe Ribaudo »


Welcome back. That was a very generous donation you made. Keeping this site alive should be every Dutch Hunter's goal. It is the best source for anyone interested in researching the LDM.

You should try to make a trip to the Rendezvous. This is the tenth year, and will be my last time attending the entire weekend. Probably drive down for a short visit in the future.

For all of the members, thanks again for your donation.

Take care,

Joe Ribaudo
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