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Proper Venue

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Probably should have posted this here:

I have always said that John Chunning should have known the LDM if he ever laid eyes on it. It turned out not to be so.

Chunning's dig had no ore in it......of any value. It was not a "Pit" excavation. In all probability, it started out as an animal den, and Chunning simply dug it out.....and then some.

Mr. E. states that he and his "associates/family" have been "removing clues", which equates to deleating/changing history to me. Not the kind of work that anyone should boast of.

While they have been destroying, others have been creating false clues. Both are the endeavors of childish minds. The idea that they believe they have a right to do anything like that, in the Superstitions, is criminal.

The attempt to focus the interest of Dutch Hunters to the northwest portion of the Superstitions hints at the identity of Late's group. The lies that have been told, and are being told, about the LDM will not prevent the truth from becoming known.

I have read Late's posts, even what he deleated. One must wonder why he, or they went down such a convoluted path on this Forum. Was it just spinning a yarn to while away the boredom of a hum-drum life or has it all been done with a purpose?

"The e-mail in question was quite simple and to the point. If you review Late`s post in late 2005 you will see he continually referenced the issue in a hope that some one would step forward acknowledge their mistake and this wonderful history could be made public."

This has been manipulated from the first day that Late posted. If he had anything to offer, it was never going to be "made public". Those first words were false, and I assume the last ones will be the same.

Joe Ribaudo