US$B Japs (Yamash-ita) Treasure Sites Found

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US$B Japs (Yamash-ita) Treasure Sites Found

Post by gboy » Fri Dec 23, 2005 10:18 pm

In the Philippines our team have discovered and documented more than 100 WW2 Japanese (Yamashita) treasure sites worth several hundred billion dollars thru more than 20 years of treasure hunting experience, exploration, extensive research and actual operation. Treasure sites varies from a few tons up to several hundred tons GOLD.
For more info regarding yamashita/japs treasure...look into several websites topic ex: , ,

We need partners to finance our treasure hunting operation. For more info contact Gerry at , celfon: +639103216315

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Post by walker12 » Sun Dec 25, 2005 2:28 pm

As soon as I get a large inheritance a new friend in Nigeria found for me I will be more than happy to invest in your project. I am sure since you have already only found "several hundred billion dollars " you must really be tight for funds. :wink: :wink: or not.

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Post by gboy » Mon Dec 26, 2005 10:12 pm


I think you misread or misunderstand my post....
AGAIN FOR YOUR CLARIFICATION....what we discovered and documented are Japs treasure SITES.....S-I-T-E-S.....worth $billions....
Discovering/documenting treasure different from having FOUND THE TREASURE....ok?
Thats why we need that he will help us produce hi-tech geophysical mining instrument to recover treasure. Using pick and shovel is a trial and error treasure hunting...with hi-tech geophysical a sureway in recovering treasure....
Treasure hunting is no longer a surpise in our country....our former President Marcos recovered several billion dollars worth of Japs treasure in 1960s-1980' fact his treasure was used by CIA (the US gov't) to finance the anti-communism campaign in Asia in 1960-70's (remember the falling dominoes...the whole asian countries is falling to communism like falling dominoes...Vietnam,Burma, Cambodia,Thailand,Laos, Philippines)... .the US gov't was BANKRUPT(bcoz of two wars...ww2/Korean war) was from OUR...Marcos gold (japs treasure)...WHO FINANCE THAT WAR agains comminism....
Read...seagraves books and yamash-ita/japs website....its already part of HISTORY....ok?
If you ask if japs treasure exist....yrrrrr dammmmm right, it does....and there are still several hundred japs treasure sites out there....

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Watch Out

Post by Joe Ribaudo » Tue Dec 27, 2005 1:09 pm


Welcome to the LDM Forum.

A good deal of fraud has come from that part of the world, and much of it connected to Japanese Treasures. The information on those bits of skulldugery are not hard to come by.

Does gboy stand for Golden Boy?


Joe Ribaudo

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Fraud/Legitimacy in treasure hunting

Post by gboy » Tue Dec 27, 2005 8:05 pm

Jose Ribaudo,

Its true that FRAUD is connected to every big voulume treasure. In every treasure adventure (watch movies)....fraud, villains, bad guys....always attracted to this fabulous treasure..... Treasure hunting for big volume treasure...IS NEVER A WALK IN THE PARK....all the possible problem you could encounter ...its there...but everything is MANAGEABLE IN THIS WORLD....if you know how to handle and prevent RISK.
Ex: In 1972, Filipino treasure hunter Rogelio Roxas treasure was stolen or confiscated by our late Pres. Marcos (it took the Phil. Army...ONE YEAR TO HAUL HIS TREASURE TUNNEL...)
Read; Roxas VS Marcos (US Court)

Late Pres. Marcos continue treasure hunting and his treasure worth several hundred billion dollars was deposited all over the world (carribean,europe,asia,america)....when Pres. Marcos died in 1990...HIS GOLD WAS CONFISCATED BY CIA (US GOVT)....AND NEVER RETURNED TO FILIPINO PEOPLE....

Treasure hunting in the Philippines is SIMPLE...
1) We have more than 100 japs treasure sites....20 years of extensive treasure research.
2) We survey using hi-tech geophysical instrument at a depth 0f 20-50 feet.
3) We test drill for gold sample using portable water drill.
4) If found possitive...we dig the treasure...

If Mining companies can detect gold at thousand feet deep and recovering only gold dust...why not stockpiles of gold bars at shallow deep?
Whats anomalous and fraudulent about these legitimate treasure venture?

Joe Ribaudo
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Brother Can You Spare A Billion?

Post by Joe Ribaudo » Thu Dec 29, 2005 7:43 pm


"Treasure hunting in the Philippines is SIMPLE...
1) We have more than 100 japs treasure sites....20 years of extensive treasure research.
2) We survey using hi-tech geophysical instrument at a depth 0f 20-50 feet.
3) We test drill for gold sample using portable water drill.
4) If found possitive...we dig the treasure..."

How do you know you "have more than 100 Japs treasure sites"?

How many gold bars have you recovered in those "20 years"?

I know a lady who still has family in the Philippines. They are all dirt poor. How many guys with shovels do you need...100? Something tells me they would all work for the promise of one gold bar, once they reach the treasure.

Why did you think that the LDM Forum would be a good place to find some "high roller" investors?

I know a few millionaires and one billionaire. How could I possibly pitch your need for capital, with the story you have told here? Just trying to help a fellow treasure hunter out. 8O

Don't really mind being a "go-between" here, but it will cost you.....plenty.
Let me know how much you need, and I will tell you how much you will have to come up with for those face to face contacts.


Joe Ribaudo

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Need treasure funder

Post by gboy » Thu Dec 29, 2005 8:37 pm

Joe Ribaudo,

I'm glad you have a lot of questions, I assumed you already read/study the existence of Japs/Yamashita treasure...

Your questions:
1) How do you know you have more than 100 Japs treasure sites?
We have been in treasure hunting for several years now...besides we compiled all the treasure sites of our treasure hunter friends.
I will post later my all treasure sites...

2) How many gold bars have you recover in those 20 years?
Right now...NONE...thats why i still need funder...
However... my old man (ex. Lt.Col).... was late Pres. Marcos treasure partner since 1965 up to early 1980's.....they recover thousand tons gold...their latest gold transaction in 1982, my old man was able to produce thru treasure hunting 2,000 pcs 75 kg gold bars and gave it to the late Pres. Marcos (gold transaction documents are still with us).... During 1986 EDSA revolution...Pres. marcos was deposed...all his wealth was sequestered by succeding gov't....including my old man treasure share of $400 million in Asian bank as of 1982.... My old man died are we...but he told us all his treasure sites.
As a second generation treasure hunter....we tried our best to relocate those treasure sites...without the complete logistics/hi-tech equipment of Marcos era...its difficult to recover.
However, we have our "near recovery", in 2002 we haul a japs treasure (table size) cement vault from the shorelines, it contain 2 tons of gold...unfortunately it was confiscated/stolen by corrupt armed gov't official....thats was our sad...near recovery...incident.
Without hi-tech geophysical instrument...your digging blindly (buried treasure metal box/cement vault....due to gravity and softness of soil...moves/slides underground and change location by a few meters)). Since we lack geophysical instrument...we are contented of documenting all our treasure sites.
In fact....most mining/construction companies (americans,canadians, australian,japs,europeans) here in our country...have special/secret department for covert treasure hunting operation...its been going on since 1960's...
The most notorious is JICA( japan international cooperation agency) since 1950's, every time they donate schools,bridges,roads, dam/water irrigation ....automatically or 100% they recover treasure from that site.... but it will take them a century to recover all those treasure sites even todays technology...bcoz they are so many...(172 big volume sites...and several hundred small sites buried by ordinary low ranking Japs foot soldiers)

3) Why did you think LDM had high roller investor?
I just try anybody...high roller or long can it help fine with me.

4) How much i need?
I need geophysical instruments,portable water drill, rented backhoe, camping,diving,climbing gears, a vehicle, small boat, small office....etc... just 0.001% budget of a small mining company...

5) How much I have to come face to face with investor?
If you want me to pay you to produce those funders... I can't...I have no budget (If I have budget, i don't need funder anymore).
However, you can be a treasure partner or partner in any business (to be used as treasure front).... treasure hunting is legal...but covert or secret treasure hunting is better to avoid curiosity/problems among neighbors.

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Treasure sites/company

Post by gboy » Thu Dec 29, 2005 10:40 pm


My dream for the funder to give me a small treasure hunting company or any business front (mining/construction) to be used for treasure hunting. So that i can put all my treasure equipment in the office and conduct treasure hunting operation...the way professional treasure hunters does...we need only 0.001% budget of a small mining company....our target is small and medium treasure sites (1-50 tons) we progress...we will operate big volume treasure sites (500 tons +)...
Pick and shovel operation is useless....thousand of filipinos are already doing that...nothing happens. Using mining technology and logistics will surely enhance quick recovery.
We have different types of Japs treasure are the treasure equipment needed.
1) Buried/tunnel treasure sites - geophysical instruments (future gpr,resistivity imaging,pulse detector,long range locator),portable jack hammer/drill, genset, portable cut-off saw (stihl-400) to cut concrete treasure vault, portable water drill (test drill holes), rented backhoe...4X4 vehicle.
2) Cliffwall caves/waterfalls - camping/climbing gears, long range locators...
3) Underwater treasure sites
a)metal boxes/cement vault - hookah air compressor, diving gears, small pump boat
b) sub/ship wrecks- not priority...too expensive



1) Dumagat Secret Treasure 1
2) Dumagat Secret Treasure 2
3) El Sombrero Treasure 1
4) El Sombrero Treasure 2
5) Secret of Digoyo
6) Mt. Billionaire
7) Gen. Tamaso Treasure
8) Gen. Tanaka Treasure
9) Snake Cave Treasure
10) 5 Lonely Tomb Treasure
11) Underground Temple
12) Padlock Cave
13) Caged Golden Budha Cave
14) Killer Golden Budha of Digoyo
15) 3 Golden Budha Cave
16) Underwater 2 metal Box
17) Flagpole Treasure

1) Zapote Tree Secret
2) Mango Tree Secret
3) Santolan Tree Secret
4) Tamarind Tree Secret
5) Lamp Light Treasure 1
6) Lamp Light Treasure 2
7) Market/Crossing Treasure
8) Peroz Road Treasure
9) Triangle Bridge Treasure
10) Japs Flag Treasure
11) Japs Execution Camp Treasure
12) Fr. Terreno Treasure
13) Mango Hill Treasure
14) Colocol Creek Treasure
15) Skull Mountain Treasure
16) Egg Cave Treasure
17) Church Secret Treasure
18) School Secret Treasure
19) Callao Cave Treasure
20) Prado's Court
21) Tokyo 2 Tunnel

1) 7 General Treasure
2) 3 general Treasure of Tagurano
3) Gen. Yamashita Treasure of Mundo Hill
4) Gen. Yamashita Treasure of Panabo
5) Gen. Yamada Treasure
6) Gen. Murakami Treasure
7) Gen. Teruya Treasure
8) Gen. Sakura Treasure
9) Gen. Toyogoshi Treasure
10) Gen. Kutamura Treasure
11) Adm. Nakone Treasure
12) Adm. Igie Treasure
13) Col. Oshihiro Hansawa Treasure
14) Col. Yamaguchi Treasure
15) Lt. Ohata Treasure
16) Secret of Carmen
17) Secret of Cuyo island
18) Secret of Dalirig
19) Secret of Dagat k Davao
20) Secret of Lake Venado
21) Secret of Lake Sebu
22) Secret of Lipadas
23) Secret of Makilo
24) Secret of Mt. Apo
25) Secret of Namnam
26) Secret of Pangantucan
27) Secret of Raware
28) Secret of Silae
29) Secret of Sinuda
30) Secret of Tamugan
31) Secret of Upian 1 & 2
32) Crown Of Cambodia
33) Horse Cave Treasure
34) Crocodile Cave Treasure
35) Madapo Hill Treasure
36) Kiakol Treasure
37) Todaya Treasure
38) El Diablo Treasure
39) Nubos Treasure
40) 10th Buntai Treasure
41) Takahashi Butai Treasure
42) Kashibaora/Tanaka Treasure
43) Djakarta Tunnel
44) Medusa Tunnel
45) Tunnel Code 9
46) Lying Lady Mountain
47) Golden Budha of St. Francis
48) 3 chained/wired Tomb
49) Lonely Tomb of Talomo
50) Lonely Tomb of Luban
51) Lonely Tomb of St. Ines
52) 15 Lonely Tomb of Wao
53) Samurai Tomb
54) Sinkhole Tomb and Box
55) Mysterious Steel Crate
56) Waterfalls of Block
57) Foxhole of Umayam
58) Swimming Stallion of Kisawi
59) Underground Stallion of Mt. Magolo

1) Siwa maru (The island ship)
2) Tikang maru
3) Sakima Maru
4) Maru of the Orient 3
5) Capt. Kimura Ships (6)
6) Mini Submarine
7) Camouflage Submarine
8) Cliffwall Submarine
9) Underground Submarine Base
10) Underwater Cement Vault
11) Runway Edge Sea Cement Vault
12) Missing Sea Plane
13) Daibatsu of Ginoog
14) Daibatsu of Davao Gulf

1) These are PARTIAL LIST of suspected WW2 Japs/Yamashita treasure sites in the Philippines, thru more than 20 years of treasure hunting experience, extensive research, exploration and actual operation.
2) Treasure sites varies from a few tons up to several hundred tons gold.
3) Recovery of the treasure sites depending upon the capability of the funder, geophysical instrument,gears, weather, terrain...etc.

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Post by djui5 » Tue May 16, 2006 9:56 pm

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