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Postby don » Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:37 am

ok im listening to the lefties. Trump is the new hitler Hitler. Let's do something.........hmmmm.....You go first. I'm open to suggestions. What should we do? I mean, I've already been to a few of the "safe spaces" around town to cry about it. I've hitched all my wagons to jeremy corbyns caravan and that seems like a longshot at this point. What should we do? Take up arms? March on Washington? Stage a coup? All because we're scared of what Trump might do? Scared because the party he beat in the election and the pansies of the left tells us to be? Tells us he's Putin's puppet? I mean, I am scared because I watch too many utube documentaries about WW3 allready ! The lefties tell me revolt would be impossible because he was coming for me (us) with his gun. They told me he'd be around forever because the 22nd Amendment was going to be kaput! Man! I can't believe the sun is still shining..... But Trump is different. This time it's serious! Tell you what, call me when lefties form their militia. I may be out of town that day, but just check in. Let me know how it's going.
Also, I'm curious about this Putin connection. I mean, is Trump a member of the fascist right who are going to abolish Roe and eliminate the social safety net, or is he "Comrade" Trump, secret communist and best friend of Putin? I mean, he can't be both, right? Wait. He's Hitler AND Stalin! Man...this sounds really bad! We have to do something! But...what? I don't know. Oh, heck. You lead. I'll follow....has anybody here any solutions as regards this american antichrist?
and as an afterthought. a merry xmas to one and all
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Re: New stuff

Postby Joe Ribaudo » Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:46 pm

[quote=RMG1976 post_id=32275 time=1503029395 user_id=4606]
[quote="Joe Ribaudo" post_id=32274 time=1503029183 user_id=4654]

Can you tell me why you deleted my post?


Joe Ribaudo

My section of DesertUSA will not have anything to do with The Superstition Mountain Historical Society - or its corresponding magazine - and your post was in reference to that initial post of Matthew Roberts.

Again, the Tumlinson Family and I would prefer our forum stay free of mistruths, or what we consider to be mistruths, and the majority of those, in our opinion, start with Greg Davis and Matthew Roberts.

Your experience may vary.

Given that you led the witch hunt against Matthew Roberts, Mr. Ribaudo, its funny how you have changed sides.


I did not lead the "witch hunt" against Matthew. I, reluctantly, accepted the facts which were brought to my attention. When Matthew posts good, factual, posts I will give him credit. He does the same for me.

On the other hand, I have never been against the museum.

Here is a direct quote from you concerning Greg Davis:

"We are all lucky to have Mr. Greg Davis to help keep all of these stories alive as well, with his incredibly well preserved documents."

Have you "switched sides", so to speak?

I'm quite sure you will delete this post, as you seem to only want to see your version of the truth. That's fine with me, as I will copy it and post it for others to read.....elsewhere.

Good luck,

Joe Ribaudo

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Re: phew!

Postby Joe Ribaudo » Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:18 am

Post by Joe Ribaudo » Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:16 am

It was obvious from day 1 that this is where Ryan would end up. We are all a different breed of cat, but Ryan managed to make many Dutch Hunters uncomfortable. No matter how hard he tries, he will never be able to unseat Greg Davis or Tom Kollenborn as the go to experts on all things LDM. I don't usually go this route, but I will pass on anything he produces in the future.

Joe Ribaudo

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Re: phew!

Postby Joe Ribaudo » Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:41 am

Re: The falsehoods of Ryan, Tumlinson's and the SOJ
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by Matthew Roberts » Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:46 am

Here is the post I wrote just before RMG decided to attack me and the Superstition Mountain Historical Museum and their annual Journal.

I do not know what caused RMG to go off like that or go after me.
The article I wrote for the upcoming 2017 Journal is not my story it is Clarence Mitchell's story as he told it.
The SMHS Journal article in no way attacks anything RMG and his associates are trying to say and do.
Like it or not Mitchell was an intimate part of the Tumlinson Stone Map story and he has a right to have his views and involvement in the Tumlinson and the Stone Maps told every bit as much as RMG and his associates have the right to tell their story.

Mitchell never attacked Travis Tumlinson or any of the Tumlinson family in any way shape or form.
RMG and some in the Tumlinson family have made it their priority to trash Mitchell's reputation, call him a liar, crook and con man and degrade anyone who ever had anything to do with Mitchell. I guess I am lumped into that category because I was asked to write Mitchell's story for the SMHS Journal.

The ironic thing about RMG and his outrage against Mitchell is members of the Tumlinson family (which includes the Leaseman and Salles) is members of the family have thanked me for writing about their involvement in the Superstition Mountains search and mentioning them by name. One thing I learned from writing the article is the Tumlinson/Leaseman/Salles are not all on the same page with this new story being worked up by RMG.

RMG has the right to tell his story any way he likes and trash whoever he wants along the way but he is making a mistake. He wants to control the Stone Map story but has never faced the fact that the Tumlinson family was not the only people who were involved with that story. His reaction to that fact is to trash everyone and everything that does not involve his story.

My post was a reply to a question by Marius:


I wrote an article for the Superstition Mountain Historical Society 2017 Journal about Clarence Mitchell and his involvement with the Stone Maps. That 2017 Journal will be out sometime in October or November this fall.

Because of the belief by some, Mitchell included, that the Stone Maps may have been dealing with Jesuit mines, treasure and caches in the Superstition Mountains I had occasion to contact the Jesuit order to get their input and opinion for the article.

It was no easy task getting to talk to the right people. When I first contacted the order a little over a year ago I was finally put in touch with the office of the Provincial Superior of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States.

Since Arizona has no office I was directed to the Los Gatos, California office which directs all affairs and business for Arizona and California. Fr. Michael Weiler is the Provincial Superior at Los Gatos and his office and staff were most helpful in answering my inquiries. The Los Gatos office also directs the Catholic Diocese Arizona History Center at Tucson.

As of July 1st of this year the Jesuit Order underwent a much anticipated reorganization. The office of Jesuits West has now taken over the Arizona order and consolidated it with 9 other western states. Jesuits West also is the administrator for the Kino Border Initiative at Nogales, Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. The Jesuits West office is located in Portland, Oregon.

Fr. Scott Santarosa is the Provincial Superior at Jesuits West and his staff has been most patient and helpful. Fr. Alfred Naucke is the Provincial Secretary who is a wealth of information. The Jesuit order does not sponsor anyone or anything outside of their own stated goals and agendas. They are however open to those who might have questions and do their best to answer them openly and honestly.


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