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Postby don » Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:37 am

ok im listening to the lefties. Trump is the new hitler Hitler. Let's do something.........hmmmm.....You go first. I'm open to suggestions. What should we do? I mean, I've already been to a few of the "safe spaces" around town to cry about it. I've hitched all my wagons to jeremy corbyns caravan and that seems like a longshot at this point. What should we do? Take up arms? March on Washington? Stage a coup? All because we're scared of what Trump might do? Scared because the party he beat in the election and the pansies of the left tells us to be? Tells us he's Putin's puppet? I mean, I am scared because I watch too many utube documentaries about WW3 allready ! The lefties tell me revolt would be impossible because he was coming for me (us) with his gun. They told me he'd be around forever because the 22nd Amendment was going to be kaput! Man! I can't believe the sun is still shining..... But Trump is different. This time it's serious! Tell you what, call me when lefties form their militia. I may be out of town that day, but just check in. Let me know how it's going.
Also, I'm curious about this Putin connection. I mean, is Trump a member of the fascist right who are going to abolish Roe and eliminate the social safety net, or is he "Comrade" Trump, secret communist and best friend of Putin? I mean, he can't be both, right? Wait. He's Hitler AND Stalin! Man...this sounds really bad! We have to do something! But...what? I don't know. Oh, heck. You lead. I'll follow....has anybody here any solutions as regards this american antichrist?
and as an afterthought. a merry xmas to one and all
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