The Caves of the LDM

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Well I do not know? If a man doesn,t want any of the gold, has no use for the gold, is more interested in the scenery, history, etcetra, view, WHAT in the hell is he doing hunting for the ldm, They should get their a-s out of the trail and let the ones who are interested in the gold get at it if they can. If you are interested in the view and the history only; go stake out a lonely cliff top to commune with WHATEVER you are interested in. YOU are not going to see or learn much in a hole in the ground??? bill 8)
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Hello Bill,

I really do believe you have the most insightful posts there are on this site.

You are perfectly correct.

I wish you all the luck in the world in finding the gold you seek.

Have to admit that is not where I am at. Not any better or any worse just a different place.

And at the end of the day that is what this site is for. My mistake.

Till we meet again,

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Most of your posts deal with the LDM. Here is an example:

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 6:26 am Post subject: Sims Ely and the Lost Dutchman Mine


You can lead them to water but you can`t make them drink.

The LDM. Imagine a honeycomb with Waltz`s shaft being but one entrance. The bees have been there for a long time. Still are.

Accept the possibility of another history to the Superstituions that does not begin with the stealing of a dead man`s gold or selling tickets to his deathbed. A history that begins with the massacre. A history that goes north not south. The possibility of an articulate educated survivor.

As far as your piggy bank goes. Have plenty. That is not what this is about.

I would study the coordinates given.


(Emphasis in bold by Joe)

While I don't think you have ever used the words: I found the LDM, you have "suggested" that is the case.

Semantics aside, I did appreciate your speaking up as I was being
"savaged". Some of the worst offenders also spoke up. It was the right thing to do.

I probably should have walked away from this discussion, but was too focused on the problems with your story and what I know that has not been said on the Forum.

I realize that everything you have said, could be the truth but I have asked for any documentation that could put me on your side in this matter. A copy of Ely's letter, with his signature at the bottom or the signature page in the book would have done the trick. As I said, you could have blacked out anything of a sensitive nature in the letter.

I assume you don't really care if you are believed. That's fine with me, but you are the one telling the story. As I also said, lawyers have a few latin words that express what a person should believe is true, when someone starts out with a lie.

The people you contacted here in Arizona were interested in the materials you offered. You have said they were not. I have never met you, but I have met some of the people you have mentioned.

Once your material is in Georgia, we will all know the truth.


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The Cave

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Late; When people tell me that after spending large amounts of money and work to find the gold and then they are not going to partake of the gold if they find it ? I am sceptical! I am not a greedy money hungry, gold mad guy! I love the mystry, the history of the ldm and the sup,s as the next person! BUT the core idea is to get alittle of the gold too? YES the spanish mined both silver and gold all thru the sup,s. BUT the Grand Prize of them that wasn,t worked OUT was the hole that we call the LDM. If you found it and turned it over to the gov. Do you really think that they would leave the gold in it? The politicians friends would all get fat on it. If they left anything to history it would only be an empty hole in the ground and charge your as- 1.00 buck for 1 look at it. If you found the LDM you don,t have to be a HOG and try to take it all; Take what you need and leave a note to the next guy to do the same; BUT do not tell anybody where it is; Make them LOOK and earn the right to the gold if there is any in it. The history of the mountains and Arizona will still be there to study and commune on. Many of us are not WRITING a BOOK or anything. :lol: bill 8)
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Caves & Cryptic Messages

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The messages here seemed to go far afield of the original topic. Much of it went over my head...though I'll admit I finally had to do a few searches on El Dorado Canyon just to satisfy my curiosity. I didn't spot Deering but Queho was interesting.

There are three caves that were written about years ago but I have not found mentioned since (or at least I didn't recognize them mentioned again).

The first was the tunnel system found by Marion Walker in 1940.

The second was the large cave used for smelting found by Williams and Hallberg, also in 1940.

Both of these finds were associated with the LDM or Peralta mines.

The third, and maybe the one that is being hinted at, was found by Beauchamp Rogers in 1894. He was quoted as saying "Kentucky Mammoth cave was an insignificant hole in the ground in comparison."
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Re: The Cave

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bill711 wrote: If you found the LDM you don,t have to be a HOG and try to take it all; Take what you need and leave a note to the next guy to do the same; BUT do not tell anybody where it is; Make them LOOK and earn the right to the gold if there is any in it.

Well this certaintly explains a lot.....

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