Let's suppose...

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Let's suppose...

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Let us suppose…
After approximately 100 years people have been searching for the LDM. Now I am only a Junior Member., and I would like to know more about the LDM searching. To me it appears that someone has found the mine and quietly cleaned it out. Just too much time has passed for this not to happen, although the history of Arizona that I read about is very interesting. However, one must keep in mind the hundreds of thousands of dollars made on publications, books, tours etc. What would happen to all that. Eventually it would all drop by the way side, and much money would be lost if it were known that the LDM was no more. I would also like to know more detail on the Wilderness Act, considering the ‘sweeping under the rug’ of certain facts regarding the geological field surveys made. Something is very wrong in my opinion.
My primary interest is in learning about the superstitions and why it was turned into a wilderness when field surveys revealed otherwise.
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Welcome back to the LDM Forum. You have been gone much too long.

I would not bet much money that any new book on the LDM will make anyone rich, anytime soon.

Dr. Glover has been trying to get his book reprinted, without much success. It is one of the best books ever done on the subject. The reason he gave me for the problem he is having, is that he has been told there is not enough interest in the subject for a publisher to make any serious money.

I have been insulted for saying that, but that's what he told me.

It is true that a number of people rely on the mystery of the LDM to make their livelihood, but I doubt they are buying any yachts.

I would suggest, once again, that you read the topic: LOST OR FOUND?

Glad to see you posting again.

Take care,

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